simple recipes

inspired by the plant kingdom


I'm a busy mom, with young children, a job, and hardly any time to cook. But with information being so prevalent, and frankly sometimes pushed in your face, I started to learn about where our food comes from, and what it does to our bodies, and I kept seeing a pattern. ed 


The more I dug the clearer it became that the more natural colors we include in our meals, the healthier for our bodies and the world. 

So I started slowly re-learning how to cook with many failings, even still. But ultimately, and with sometimes less than 15 minutes to prepare, I have managed to cook up incredibly satisfying & super healthy meals - for picky kids and foodie friends, using the rainbow of the plant kingdom as my guide.


So I invite you into my tiny LA kitchen - with the kids + commotion - to *Count Your Colors* & see how simple + delicious it can be to eat the colors of the plant-kingdom. Here I'll demo quick recipes for meals, snacks & pantry staples to satisfy palates and feel awesome. 

Thanks for dropping by. You inspire me.