Vegan Thanksgiving Turkey

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I want you to be so prepared this year to kill it. And by kill it I mean, let it live, breathe, be happy - I'm talking about you, us, our Earth, our Turkeys! This recipe is my Seitan debut. If you've never heard of seitan or cooked with it before, don't be nervous - it's a fabulous thing that should be part of every vegan, or even vegetarian, kitchen. Seitan is made using an ingredient called Vital Wheat Gluten (which can be found in most major grocery stores in the flour section) don't be fooled thinking this is a bready thing, Vital Wheat Gluten is the Protein part of the wheat berry, in fact it is 70% protein! And its consistency is very meaty. I recently made my first batch of BBQ ribs using this magical ingredient which will be coming soon to the blog. But let's get on with the turkey.... This recipe feeds 8 adults - feel free to expand it out to feed an army!

What you need:

(Dry ingredients)

2.5 C Vital Wheat Gluten

1/2 C Chickpea/Garbanzo Bean flour

1/4 C Nutritional Yeast

1.5 Tbl Salt

1 Tbl poultry seasoning (or a combination of thyme, rosemary & parseley)

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp onion powder

1/4 tsp pepper

1/2 tsp paprika

optional: 1/2 tsp celery seed

(Wet ingredients)

1 onion, chopped

1/4 C neutral oil

1.5 c vegetable broth

1-2 tbl soy sauce

1 tbl miso paste

Breadcrumbs or Panko for a crispy 'skin'

Highly recommend you top this 'bird' with our rich mushroom gravy

What you do:

First sautee the onion over medium heat and a bit of oil/water until translucent.

While the onion is sauteing, measure your wet ingredients in a blender and dry ingredients in a bowl. When the onion has completed sauteing, incorporate into the wet ingredients and blend until smooth.

Now combine wet into dry ingredients, mixing well, followed by about 2-3 minutes of kneading. The kneading is important to keep from air bubbles forming.

Set up a steamer situation in a large pot (see steamer bootleg options below).

Separate sections into the "main bird body" by forming into an oval shape - and 2 drumsticks into shape. If you like your turkey "skin" crispy, using some breadcrumbs mixed with herbs to create a skin.

Grease and tightly wrap each piece in tin foil. Carefully set into the steamer without allowing the water to touch - cover and steam for around 45-60 minutes. The drumsticks will come out around 45 minutes, leave the main "bird" in until 60. Toward the end of the steaming time, preheat your oven to 350. Leaving the parts in the tin foil, transfer to a baking tray - bake for 35-45 minutes (drumsticks come out first).

Assemble using toothpicks to keep your drumsticks in place. Thinly slice. Douse on some vegan mushroom gravy. Serve with stuffing, cranberries, green beans, mashed potatoes and be thankful for all that is life, and alive, because of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you don't have a steamer/steamer basket, you can bootleg one using balled up balls of tinfoil so that there is about 1" of water on a low boil at the bottom of the pot, and your tin foil balls are reaching above the water (you don't want the turkeys touching the water). Or consider this $6 steamer basket on Amazon.